The Croatian wattle, also known as the pleter or troplet, is an important pattern of medieval Croatian culture.

The wattle is found in virtually all examples of Croatian culture of greater or lesser importance of the time.

It is mainly found on and within churches built by the Croats between the 9th and 12th century as well as monasteries from that time.


We used the Croatian wattle pattern to create a logotype that constructs letter V for vape and rotated clockwise for 90° stands for letter C as Croatia.


Ever since ancient times Croatian monuments, everything worth in Croatian history was written in stone or stored in it. Every one of our products comes in a beautiful stone box made of Croatian stone. The stones, from island Brac have been used for building some of the well known world structures. The most significant are the Palace of Diocletian, the Cathedral of St James in Sibenik and the Cathedral of St Lawrence in Trogir which have been under World Heritage (UNESCO) protection. The White House in Washington, the Parlament House in Vienna and Budapest were also built from stone originated from island Brac.